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Responsive Web Design Growing
Based on a survey made by Forrester recently, RWD (Responsive Web Design) is gaining more ground in web development community. As reported by Forresters' analysts, 43 percent of the

surveyed developers have chosen RWD for using in their general practices. According to Forrester's report, there are major brands among these companies who are applying RWD in the development of their products. Among others, are giants like Microsoft, GE and Nokia. The main purpose of the report, however, is ....           (more) 

Chrome 34 Supports Responsive Images
Google has released Chrome 34. The main added feature of the latest Chrome web browser -- aimed for Windows, Mac, and Linux users -- is support for 'responsive' images. The idea behind Google's new product -- as Raymond Toy, ....           (more) 

Modern Web Design Styles:

A Comprehensive  Analysis & Showcase


What is a ‘modern web design’?

How many design styles are out there?

How should they be classified?

The advancement of technology in the IT industry, particularly the web, in the last decade has resulted in important changes in web design area. A website which was created in the beginning of the new millennium appears somehow lackluster today, thanks to the new techniques and concepts which have emerged recently.

Today, the term ‘web design’ conveys much more than just a visual aspect. As a matter of fact, modern web design includes other features such as usability, navigation logic, dynamism, and putting the content first. To put it short, it is simple, user friendly, effective and unique.

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Image Background Transparency in GIMP 2

All of you interested in web design and especially in image retouching tools have heard of GIMP for sure. GIMP stands for 'GNU Image Manipulation Program'. It is a graphics editing package and unlike other similar tools, such as  Adobe Photoshop, is a freely available open source application. The latest version of GIMP (2.8.6) was released in June 21, 2013.

In this article, I intend to explain in more detail yet in a simple way how to make the background of an image transparent in GIMP  2.8. There are already plenty of resources out there on the web covering this subject, both as videos and written materials. However, finding the right source takes a lot of time.

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Disputes News

Microsoft Sued Over Browser Blunder
It seems that Microsoft Corporation Board is in deep trouble again. It is about a previous misconduct that costed the company a record fine ($731 million ) by European antitrust regulators. In March 2013, the imposition was made because of the so-called 'ballot' screen that failed to show up on millions of Windows 7 computers between May 2011 and July 2012. The software giant has never completely explained the reason behind the the failure. It stated that The browser ballot screen failed to show up just because of a 'technical error'....





Browsers News

Mobile-based Browsing Progressing Faster
According to the latest statistics, March 2014, world Internet users still access Web services mostly through desktop rather than mobile devices. The market share is 74.37 and 25.63 respectively. Nevertheless, Mobile-based browsing progresses fast in both developed and developing countries. Growing at 6.14% per month, mobile web usage has been doubled in size in 11 months, and more than tripled in the past 24 months.

Therefore, it is safe enough to say that mobile browsing is going to catch up with desktop ...